About Lillie

Founder & Executive Director ms. Lillie Ennis

Lillie Ennis, born and raised in NYC is a mom, entrepreneur and philanthropist.


At the tender age of 25 when life tried to knock her down she entertained the opportunities in lieu of the obstacles and was on a fast track to building an empire. As a breast cancer conqueror that lost her career in wellness and rehab, she bounced back quickly as Co-owner of Sibling Music LLC, and CEO of the Lillie Ennis Group and Libra Lifestyles Inc. She has built the largest team in CT with her travel and lifestyle club as a Regional Marketing Director. 


Her passion is in giving which is why she sits on several boards of charitable organizations throughout the state. Lillie is often found traveling all over the world to share her wisdom and testimonies in her motivational speeches. Her most recent accomplishment includes her release of her book titled “10 Glam Commandments.”