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The Lillie Ennis Group is a consulting/networking firm dedicated to highlighting local businesses

as well as coordinating quality events within the community geared toward personal and professional enhancement.


Danielle Gil, CEO Of Posh Beauty Bar

I became a client of the Lillie Ennis Group 4 years ago. I had a successful hair salon and wanted to take things to the next level. Because of their guidance I have been able to expand my business with three additional streams of income. My networking opportunities have grown significantly. Thank You! 


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Jessica James, CEO of Oh So Fabulous Events

I have happily been with the Lillie Ennis Group for 7 years. I came to them with a vision that they assisted me in executing. Since then I have built a brand that I love and I am proud of. I wouldn’t be the business woman I am today have it not been for their services.

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Omar Ennis, CEO of A Master Plan Inc 

I had been consistently told I was doing too much or trying to do too much. When I sat down w The Lillie Ennis Group I was able to come up w my company AMP which stands for  “ A Master Plan”. I was able to encompass my three main passions into one because of their guidance.